Once Upon a Time: 4.01 “A Tale of Two Sisters” Review

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September 28, 2014 by Luciana Mangas


After a never ending summer hiatus, Once Upon a Time returned tonight with the introduction of a brand new fairytale. The episode kicks off with Anna and Elsa’s parents’ untimely death, and their mother refused to get to safety until she could write down the truth about whatever they were doing, claiming that her daughters needed to know whatever that truth was in order to be safe. Poor timing on her part, really, because that ship was sinking entirely too fast and there was no way that whatever she wrote actually made it back to Arendelle. Somehow, in the midst of all that chaos, she manages to write it down, find a bottle, put the parchment in it and then throw it in the ocean, right before the ship perished.

Cut to five years later and it’s the day before Anna’s wedding. I thought the fairytale part of the episode was a very nice introduction to all Frozen characters and it was nice to see Anna and Elsa’s bond stronger than ever, after that whole disaster that actually happens in the movie. I especially enjoyed Kristoff and Sven, who were completely dorky and adorable. Elsa finds a diary that says her parents went on a journey to seek a solution to her freezing problem. Of course, poor Elsa feels incredibly guilty and I thought it was such a cool way to display her emotions out of control by making tiny snowflakes constantly hover over her, something we got to see both in Arendelle and when she is running scared in Storybrooke.

Turns out her parents were on a journey to the Enchanted Forest when they died and I bet they were going after Rumplestitskin. Alas, we still don’t know if they ever made it there, but Anna made it her mission to go find out. The day before her wedding. Really, Anna? Couldn’t you have waited another couple of days? Because I have a feeling she never made it back to Arendelle, hence Elsa’s search for her necklace in Storybrooke, after she sees it in a picture announcing Rumplestiltskin’s upcoming wedding to Belle.

OUAT-A-Tale-of-Two-Sisters-header2Back in Storybrooke, we pick up right where the season 3 finale left off and Emma tries to talk to Regina, even if the queen does not want to hear a word out of her at the moment. The fact that Emma still lives and breathes is a testament to how far Regina has come. As David pointed out, “No one has been incinerated yet, so that’s a good sign”. Fair point, Dave.

But really, this situation is just so awkward for all involved that it just makes me feel so bad for all of them. Regina has had her happiness ripped right out of her hands. Robin loves Regina, but can’t make himself break his vows to his wife, who is suddenly back from the dead. Marian just kind of fell into this situation head first without meaning to and, obviously, wants to be reunited with her family. And Emma just feels incredibly guilty for making Regina miserable. The scene where Robin visits Regina so they can talk is incredibly heartbreaking.

Seriously, the circumstances couldn’t possibly be worse. So of course, Regina quickly starts scheming to getting her rival out of the way, but in a very discreet way. I loved the Mirror’s return, although Sidney wasn’t at all happy to be back inside the mirror in order to do Regina’s bidding. I am, however, very interested in how they are going to explore this storyline to find the author of the “Once Upon a Time” book.

10430425_742411242490925_6660624812684246061_nBack to the Charmings, I was surprised that Snow just directly confronted Emma about whatever is going on between her and Hook and that Emma didn’t deny it. Well, she tried to, but I didn’t expect her to just talk about it with her mom. Looks like our Savior came a long way in the trust and opening up to family department. Except not to poor Killian, who doesn’t hesitate to point out to her that she’s avoiding him and guess what, Swan, you can’t fool our favorite pirate. He knows something is up. Even with all the chaos that took over Storybrooke with Elsa’s pissed off Olaf in monster size, he found the opportunity to get her to talk a little, even if she was very reluctant at first. Although I wasn’t exactly expecting her to play house with the pirate right away, I am so glad that she didn’t push him away completely, leaving him with something to hope for with that sweet kiss. I just hope they figure things out soon, as I can’t wait to see how they are going to handle being a couple and dealing with the Frozen crisis.

Rumplestitskin and Belle spent their honeymoon on a mysterious house that popped up in Storybrooke after the second curse brought them back from the Enchanted Forest. Before going there, though, there was really bittersweet scene with Rumple explaining himself to Bae in the cemetery. I know he only wanted to avenge his son’s death, but now he will have to deal with the fact that he lied and Belle will not be happy about that.

The dance scene was very touching, but what I am really interested in is whose house is that and what the hell is that hat that popped up from that device?  The only thing that popped to mind was Disney’s Fantasia, but I haven’t seen that movie in about 20 years, so I really don’t remember what it’s about at all. Anyone care to enlighten me? Or do you maybe have a different theory?

Also, what are your expectations for the new season? One of the things I am looking forward to the most is the friendship between Emma and Elsa and – of course – Emma and Killian finally trying to be together. What can I say, my shipper heart is stronger than I am.

What about you? Share your thoughts about the episode in the comment section below.


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