Once Upon a Time: 4.02 “White Out” | REVIEW


October 6, 2014 by Luciana Mangas

maxresdefaultThere were so many great things about last night’s episode that I don’t even know where to start. Hook and David’s bromance, loads of Captain Swan swoon worthy moments, Anna, David and his awful hair in the flashback, Elsa and Emma’s new found friendship and Mama Snow becoming Mama Mayor. Seriously, what is not to love about “White Out”?

Let’s start with the flashbacks and how Anna was the key to give David the push to fight. I can’t stress enough just how much I am enjoying Elizabeth Hail’s portrayal of Anna. She is the embodiment of the bubbly animated character we met in the movie and her friendship with David was just a joy to watch. That and the fact that he was once a terrible, terrible swordsman. I was not familiar with the Bo Peep’s character, but I thought she served as a great catalyst for David to really come into his own skin as someone who can and will always fight for what he wants and to protect those he loves.

The fact that it was Anna that put him in the right path just makes it even better and such a nice connection to the Once Upon a Time mythology. Back in Storybrooke, we had a great parallel between David and Anna and David and Hook; even though neither David or Killian were nowhere near ready to give up and leave Emma trapped in there to freeze to death. But the fact that they had to work together in order to free her gave David the chance to really understand and appreciate just how deep Killian’s feelings for Emma really are. It was such a nice touch that they started the episode with Daddy Charming asking Hook’s intentions with his daughter, and then they finished the rescue mission with him leading Emma into Killian’s arms when they finally got her out. That right there was his blessing for whatever is going on between Emma and Killian and it was so sweet.

Then we have Emma and Elsa. I was so looking forward to see them meet ever since it was released that they would help each other with their lack of control over their powers. And you know what, they did not disappoint me. In fact, let me just comment real quick on how Emma has changed in the past year alone. She just seems to react to things in such a lighter way, you know? I particularly loved that first sequence when they first got trapped and, even though she is already freezing, she managed to cover it up with a bit of humor. Also, it looks like her relationship with her parents is so, so much better and she has fully accepted that she is Snow White’s and Prince Charming’s daughter.

That scene alone showed just how far our Savior has come, embracing her family and trusting them completely. That said, let’s go back to this wonderful new friendship blossoming between Emma and Elsa. It was so great to see Emma finally being able to talk about what it feels like to be the Savior and how she also can’t control her powers. And you know what, there was this neat parallel between them when Elsa says that Anna helps her control her powers and keeps her grounded and, even though Emma didn’t say it out loud, from past episodes we know that Killian is the one who does that for her.

Elsa comes to Storybrooke at a time that Emma just really needs a friend. Sure, she can confide in her mom, but it seems that, for the first time, she has found a kindred spirit; someone she can share her fears and doubts with, who is going through the exact same thing. I think this friendship is really promising and I absolutely can’t wait to see where they are going to take them.

Then there was the reveal that Snow is now Mayor of their little town, since she was the one who cast the curse this time around. I am really looking forward to see how that little twist is going to play out, but – for now – being an exhausted, sleep-deprived new mother, the princess has literally had enough, which served as one of the greatest, funniest scenes ever on this show.

And then, there was my precious ship being precious. I am seriously trying to control my fangirl tendencies here, but “White Out” really was an amazing present for all Captain Swan shippers worldwide. Their scenes, both together and apart, served to firmly establish the fact that Emma and Killian are really in this. We already knew our favorite pirate is head over heels in love with the Savior, but Emma was still holding back. Although she let him in a little bit in the finale and in the season 4 premiere, asking him to be patient, it seems that a near death experience opened her eyes and she decided to throw caution to the wind. When David and Killian pull her out, she immediately reaches for him, holding him tightly, as if reassuring both of them at the same time that she was okay, alive and still right there.

From that point on, they didn’t stray far from each other. The physical contact that had been so rare and far in between, was like a lifeline for both of them once they got Emma to safety. They clung to each other and didn’t even seem to care that Snow, David and even Henry were in the room with them. At that moment, having nearly lost each other, it seemed that Emma – always reluctant – only wanted his presence and his touch to reassure and comfort both of them. These particular scenes, showed exactly that.

And last, but most definitely not least, oh my God, it’s Elizabeth Mitchell!! I knew she was guest starring this season, but the LOST fangirl in me just wanted to jump up and down in joy because she was on my screen again. I absolutely love that calm, cool and collected vibe she manages to project and I can’t wait to see her as the Snow Queen in full form.

Anyway, that was my long rambling about how great “White Out” was. What did you think?


One thought on “Once Upon a Time: 4.02 “White Out” | REVIEW

  1. Sonya says:

    The Best review I’ve read of this episode yet. Agree with EVERYTHING!! Being a captain swan fan myself I am not surprised that I would love this review. Definitely love the blossoming & hopefully lasting relationship between Killian & Emma!! They are so cute together! Emma & Elsa finally being able to see them & their growing friendship is great!! But a little sad knowing that Elsa is not a permanent cast member so their relationship is only going to be explored for a little while. But omg I love Elizabeth Mitchell!! Article said it best!! Her cool calm demeanor is so alluring & she is such a phenomenal actress!! Definitely someone that I would love to meet!! Bravo Elizabeth!! And welcome to the show!! Can’t wait to see more!!


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