Once Upon a Time: 4.05 “Breaking Glass” | REVIEW


October 28, 2014 by Luciana Mangas


I knew it!

Ever since it was revealed that the Snow Queen somehow knew Emma, I just was absolutely sure she was in one of her foster homes. I admit that, up until the very last scene, I still wasn’t quite getting why they were giving us that flashback of Emma as a teenager. I mean, it was nice and all to see her as a struggling teen, but it really didn’t make sense until she played that video for Killian. I have no idea how they are going to play this, but I am definitely excited.

And since we are on the subject of Emma and Killian (a little, come on!), I absolutely love how they have to seamlessly fallen into this couple routine. That and the fact that Emma looks so into this relationship and it’s so sweet to watch.

That said, I wasn’t a big fan of how they handled the Emma/Regina debacle. I understand why Regina is mad, but the way she was just snapping at Emma throughout the episode was just getting on my nerves. I am a huge fan of their friendship, especially when they use their powers together to defeat someone, but this grudge Regina is holding against her is just dragging on for entirely too long. I just thought that she was being too dramatic and even – dare I say it; please don’t throw rocks at me – a tad childish in the way she is dealing with her sadness.

It is quite clear to everyone – even Regina, really – that Emma did not know who Marian was when she saved her and she did not ruin her romance with Robin deliberately. And with the major threat of the Snow Queen looming over Storybrooke, I think it is way past the time to settle their differences and make amends. Emma at least was trying and I was so glad when Regina finally gave in a little bit at the end.

Now, what I am curious about – besides what the Snow Queen wants with Emma and how she left Arendelle in the first place to play an important part in Emma’s life growing up – is why she told Elsa that she needed to let go of her fear. What does that even mean? That maybe Elsa has better control of her powers when she is not overcome by fear? And just how exactly does she plan on having her family back and loving her when she is threatening everyone in Storybrooke?

On a side note, It was great to see Snow back to her old self. I missed the kickass princess and it is so good to have her back. All in all, it was an alright episode. Not the best of the season, but it gets a B from me.


One thought on “Once Upon a Time: 4.05 “Breaking Glass” | REVIEW

  1. I think Regina has to stay mad at Emma way past what is normal. She created a curse to take her to a whole new world just to punish Snow for a lie she told as a child. Regina is not going to let anyone slide, but that’s why I like her. Also, I will be happy when Snow gets back to normal.


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