Parenthood: 6.10 “How Did We Get Here?” Review

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January 9, 2015 by Rebecca VanAcker


A good 100th episode is a celebration of everything that viewers love about a show. If you’re Grey’s Anatomy, yours is dramatic, emotional, and a bit bittersweet. If you’re Castle, it’s a charming hour stuffed to the brim with romantic moments and witty banter. I’m happy to say that, similarly, Parenthood’s 100th showcased absolutely everything I love about the show, and, as a result, made me that much sadder about its impending conclusion. Only three episodes remaining? “How Did We Get Here?” indeed.

The main storyline this week was about the fallout from Zeek’s heart attack at the end of the fall finale. We see all of the Braverman kids receive the call (in a beautifully done montage) and race to the hospital. We see Camille break down in the hospital’s chapel and be comforted by Adam. We see Joel lending support to Julia, especially when Zeek has another episode right in front of her. We see Hank proposing to Sarah…wait, what? I know, I know, more on that later. We generally see everyone deal with the uncertainty that comes from having a loved one in the hospital. At episode’s end, Zeek has stabilized and is feeling well enough to reminisce with Camille and the kids about some of their crazier moments as a family, but it quickly turns bittersweet with the arrival of Zeek’s doctor. He tells them that Zeek’s heart just isn’t as strong as he would like it to be, and that he should take some time and decide whether he wants to go back into surgery to repair his valve, or wait and hope that he doesn’t have another heart attack. After the kids step out, Zeek, always looking to protect his children, tells Camille that the two of them should be the ones to make the decision.

This storyline was as emotional as I expected it to be. Bonnie Bedilia was a rock star this episode; I completely believed all of her emotions and her scene with Adam was lovely. I can tell that they’re easing Adam into becoming the patriarch of the family, which, while tough to watch because of what it means for Zeek, does feel right for his character. I also really appreciated the choice that the writers made to have Amber and Drew be the only grandkids present at the hospital. For one, they’re the only two (aside from Haddie) who are adults, so it made sense to have them there, but I think it also worked because they are arguably the closest to Zeek. I’ve always loved Amber and Zeek’s kindred spirits relationship, and Zeek has almost been more of a father to Drew than a grandpa. Amber’s “You look good” upon seeing him was perfect, and I loved that he was immediately concerned about his great-grandson. Drew’s relief at just seeing him awake was palpable, and the scenes with Hank that got him to that moment were wonderful. It’s worth noting; everyone involved in this storyline did an excellent job, and really showed the bittersweet side of life that Parenthood is so excellent at expressing.

Elsewhere, Adam and Crosby learn that someone broke into the Luncheonette. The place is trashed, but they soon learn that it may be a blessing in disguise. With the insurance money, it turns out that they could offer Amber a nice severance package and still walk away with $20,000 each. Both men talk to their spouses about it, and while the stress it would eliminate is enough for Adam and Christina to agree that it’s what they should do, Crosby, with Jasmine’s encouragement, decides that he still believes in the Luncheonette, which he tells Adam at the end of the episode.

I had a feeling something like this might happen, as I think it’s time for something new to happen at the Luncheonette. I loved the scenes with Adam and Christina and Crosby and Jasmine (whose marriage has really matured this season) discussing their options. I can definitely see Adam stepping out of the business to focus more on the school with Christina, while Crosby and Amber (the two who have always been more about the music anyway) continue to run it. Maybe Amber even takes Adam’s place as a partner? That would be a really lovely step for her character, one that I could definitely see her making.

Additionally, caught up in the idea that life is short, Hank proposes to Sarah outside of the hospital, in a perfectly Hank way that is ill-timed and fairly awkward, but clearly comes from the heart. Despite the kind of reconciliatory moments that he’s shared with Sandy this season, I really do believe that he wants to be with Sarah. The question is: does she believe it? She says that they’ll talk about it later, which is a very mature answer that I appreciate. It’s a little odd that Hank more than Sarah’s children brings out her mature side, but it has been an added benefit to their relationship.

At the tail end of the episode, the Braverman ladies bring Amber’s baby shower to the hospital cafeteria, and we’re treated to a lovely scene where they all share their words of advice for the mom-to-be. The best/worst parts? When Camille tells her to treasure every moment because life is short, and Sarah is too choked up to say much of anything at all. The female characters and their relationships with one another are one of my favorite parts of this show, so it felt wonderfully appropriate that they were given this moment to shine in such an important episode. I’m really looking forward to Amber’s baby being born and all of the wonderful character moments it will provide.

Before I wrap up, I have a bit of exciting news…I’ve decided to start my own blog! Beginning Sunday, you can find my reviews for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Mindy Project, & Parenthood (until the finale, sob!) over on my new site: It’s a bit of a mouthful, but hopefully fellow Notting Hill enthusiasts appreciate the reference. I also have a few more ideas for weekly posts, but you’ll have to check it out to see! Thanks to everyone for reading, hope you guys will continue to do so at the new place 🙂

What are your thoughts on this episode? Predictions on what will happen in the final three? Let me know in the comment section below!


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